Terms & Conditions


General Rental Terms

1. Driver's age: For all car categories  a minimum age of 23 years old.

2. * A maximum age of 65.(over 65 years old there is extra charge.)

3. Driving license: The driver must be licensed by Greece, or issued in a European country, or international (for countries outside the European Union), issued at least 3 year in advance and in force.

4. Minimum rental time: One day (24 hours). Upon the end of the 24-hour rental and during 60 minutes, an additional one-day charge will be charged for the agreed rental.

5. Car Acceptance: At the start of the rental, the lessee must bring along with the following documents:
Driving license
Credit/Debit card
National id or Passport

6. Deposit & guarantee: The total cost of the rental is prepaid. A credit/debit card is required to be used to cover the amounts related to the guarantee.

7. Third Party Insurance (Third Party Liability) Covers the tenant for:
Third party deaths and injuries up to € 1,220,000
Third party damage up to € 1,220,000 (excluding the safe route car)

8. Partial Damage Liability (CDW) - Combined Safety: Limits the tenant's liability for damage to the rental vehicle in the amount of:
€ 750.00 for car categories A, B, B1, C.
€ 1000.00 for car categories D, D1, D2, E.
€ 1000.00 for car categories E1, H, S, S1.
In the amount of € 1250.00 for categories SUV, M and M1.

9. Total Dungeon / Pyro Coverage (TP): The liability of the renter in the event of theft or fire of Safe Way's car is limited to the amount of:
€ 750.00 for car categories A, B, B1, C.
€ 1000.00 for car categories D, D1, D2, E.
1000.00 for car categories E1, H, S, S1.
In the amount of € 1250.00 for categories SUV, M and M1. It does not cover theft of personal belongings.

10. Full FDW: Prohibits compensation for loss, fire and theft of the Safe Way car. Paying daily the amount of:
€ 17.00 for categories A-B-B1-C.
€ 20.00 for categories D-D1-D2-E
€ 22.00 for categories E1-H-S-S1
€ 30.00 for SUV-M-M1.
Maximum charge of 30 days. This insurance does not cover damage to the interior surface of the car in the underside of the vehicle, in the crystal parts, in the mirrors, in the tire antenna and in the wheels. Provided that the damage is not due to a violation of the Road Traffic Code. The accident statement must always be completed in order to apply the insurance cover.

11. Personal Driver Insurance (PAI): Daily charge of € 3.00 for all car categories Maximum charge of € 150: Provides coverage to driver and passengers up to € 15,000 in case of death, Total / Partial Disability.

12. Extra Guide: The charge is 2.50 € per day.

13. Gasoline: Paid by the renter, use only unleaded gasoline.

14. Children's seats: Daily charge 3,00 €, maximum charge of 150,00 €.

15. Anti-slip chains: The charge is 3,00 € per day, with a maximum charge of 150,00 €.

16. Car deliveries / deliveries: Deliveries or Receipts to and from:
Athens International Airport El. Venizelos are made at no extra cost.
Athens Hotels charge 25.00 € for each delivery or pickup.
Port of Piraeus charge € 25.00 for each delivery or pickup

17. Charge for delivery or pick-up outside hours: 21: 00-08: 00, to € 25.00.

18. GPS navigation system: Daily charge of € 6.00, maximum charge of € 50.00

19. Shipment by ship: Written approval of Safe Way is required. Please note that any damage to the vehicle in transit will be not covered by any insurance

20. Vehicle transport outside the border: Transport of the vehicle outside the border, is not allowed.

21. Rental extension: Allowed after approval of Safe Way and depends on the availability of the car.

22. Car models: Bookings are based on a car category rather than a car model.

23. Road Assistance: 24-hour road assistance is provided.

24. Frames from road traffic offences: All fines and consequences of administrative penalties are fully borne by the tenant.

25. Cancellation:The company will not return the amount of the reservation if the cancellation is over 48 hours of the reservation.

26. Fees: All rates and surcharges include VAT.

27. Pricing: General rental conditions and rates are subject to change without notice.